The official author bio goes like this: Kevin Sharp is a native of Japan and New Mexico who currently lives in Northern California. He is the author of numerous screenplays and two award-winning short stories. His work has appeared online on The Weeklings, 100 Word Story, and Fiction Attic Press; and in print in The First Line journal and Bookmarks magazine. While he has technically grown up, Kevin has yet to outgrow Looney Tunes, The Price is Right, fantasy novels, or comic books. Deep down, he still thinks that working with apes would be the best job in the world.

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My Man Cave


Dallas Woodburn's Writing Life

Kevin's characters are so real and their problems so compelling that I found myself thinking about them as I went about my day, as if they were my friends.


Jean Booknerd

If I choose [to be a teenager in] the 1950s I can be around for Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Catcher in the Rye, and the birth of rock & roll. 


Judy Goodwin's Writerly World

Instead of naming one [author], I’ll tell you the ones who fed my mind and imagination in my formative years: Tolkien, Lewis, Bradbury, Piers Anthony, Robert A. Heinlein, Stephen King, Harlan Ellison.



Some Favorite Teen Movies 

The films that really meant something to us back then were the ones less concerned with big jokes, or big parties, or showing as much nudity as possible (not that my friends and I objected to that last one, mind you). 


The Bookcast (Audio)

It was almost an exorcism, going back to write [After Dakota].

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Talking About Anthony Bourdain's A Cook's Tour (Audio)

Then suddenly I’m not there anymore on that smoggy L.A. day...